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Girugamesh "MUSIC" cd and dvd

Woohoo! I love this cd and dvd! Giru sounds even more amazing than ever before!
If you can buy this, do so! til then, enjoy! <3
ah yeah, I didn't rip the cd that came with the special edition one, it has the same songs. XD


Girugamesh "MUSIC" regular edition cd
my rip @ 320kbps ^_^
Download SS
Download MF
"MUSIC" special edition dvd (my rip) ^_^

Break Down PV

shining tour '08 highlites
part 1
part 2
part 3

shining tour '08 [shooting summer] liquidroom
part 1
part 2
part 3
part 4
part 5

Girugamesh wacken open air '08

Ura Girugamesh
part 1
part 2
part 3
part 4
part 5
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Thank you very much! (^∇^) So cool DVD! (・ω・)
your welcome. ^_^
I know! they look like they are having much fun ne? XD
hi there..
thanx a lot for a 320 rip..
your welcome. ^_^

Deleted comment

Your welcome. ^_^
I am happy to share, Girugamesh is love!<3
Great, thanks a lot :D
It's possible for you to upload or put in torrent the ISO or VOB file of the dvd?
i don't have the vob files on my pc anymore, but would be happy to re-rip them for you, it may take a little while, live is crazy right now. ^_^'
thanks for the extra dvd footage
your welcome. ^-^
btw, your icon is gorgeous! <3
i must admit....yours is too *siiiiiiiiiiiigh*
thanks! Satoshi is too gorgeous. <3
and his voice is to die for too.

Deleted comment

no problem. ^-^
thanks so much
you rock!

btw, since SS hate me,
can i ask for a MF mirror for your rip(girugamesh - regular edt.)?

just 128-192 kbps is fine
thanks in advance
your welcome.
I upped the "Music" regular edition zip file to MF.
enjoy. ^-^
thanks again
*loves loves* *hugs hugs*
your welcome. ^-^
:B we should try to post more here, right budo-chan?
yus we should. ^^'
I should up all the stuff on my pc. O_O
haha it would take days.


8 years ago


8 years ago

OMG thanks so much, the quality is so good XD thank you
your very welcome. ^-^
and thanks, glad you are happy with the quality.
Please, can you upload the DVD on Mediafire or Megaupload ?
I can't download with sendspace ><
Thank you :)
Thanks for the DVD

a little bit cold after raining at Wacken last year, but still ROCK ^_^


8 years ago


8 years ago

wow i'm sooo late xDDD but nevertheless, thanks a looooot <333 *givescookiesorwhateveryoulike*
XD your very welcome. ^_^
HQ! Thank you for sharing this!! ^^
thank you very much! : oo

most of those videos doesn't work with me ;_; I don't know if it's sendspace or something, but when I download the first part of all of those, they work fine on my computer, but the second and third ones etc doesnt D:
Is it any possible you could share them in for example mediafire?
Hello, I checked the download links and they work fine ^^;
Are you using hjsplit to combine all the parts?
My friend told me about a programme which with I could combine the parts but she didn't remember the name. :----o
So it's hjsplit?
Yes, you can easily download it from anywhere. Type in "download hjsplit" from google :P
Could you re-upload the DVD please? T^T
thanks, took the album, the other links don't work. :D
hello! download links don't work anymore.. if one day you'll be able to re-upload all this.. I would be so grateful to you!! thanx!